Disc Bulge aka Bulging Disc

Disc bulges occur only when the vertebra above and below are not moving properly.

Over time, these mechanically dysfunctional vertebrae put extra pressure on the disc and it shows signs of deterioration. The first step in the deterioration process is most often back pain. The disc becomes dehydrated and disc thinning occurs. After this, the nerve becomes compressed and significant radiating pain begins.

This is usually what motivates people to look into spinal decompression as it is one of the most effective treatments for disc bulges and radiating pain.Spinal decompression is effective for pain relief but we feel as though a very specific management plan must be included with spinal decompression in order to create very long-lasting results. Our specially designed care protocols create the best results possible as they not only help to rehydrate the intervertebral disc, they also train the nervous system to hold their normal position and move correctly.

Disc bulges are common…we see them and fix them on a regular basis. We also teach you how to manage your activities to avoid the problems after we correct the initial disc bulge.

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