Disc Extrusion

An extruded disc is another term for disc herniation. An extruded disc is one where the inner material of the disc pushes out through the outer fibers of the disc and, as a result, compresses the spinal cord or an adjacent spinal nerve causing significant pain. 

This pain is felt at the location due to the many nerve fibers on the outer circumference of the disc.

Pain is also felt away from the spine…sometimes down in the feet or even in the hands and fingers. Thankfully a disc extrusion is correctable through a very specific care protocol that we have developed in our office over the past 15 years. 

A disc extrusion is a condition where the outer fibers of the intervertebral disc are degenerated over time through incorrect movement of the vertebra above and below the disc. Incorrect movement causes a mechanical and structural breakdown of the disc.
Over time the outer fibers of the disc start weakening and then some kind of event (bending over, carrying something, a fall, lifting something, a sustained abnormal body position) causes the inner material of the disc to extrude (burst through) the annular (outer) fibers of the disc.
The nuclear material (inner material) of the disc compresses the nerve causing pain at the site of the disc extrusion and often radiating down the nerve to where the nerve terminates (numbness, tingling and pain in the arms, hands legs or feet)A disc extrusion is very much within our treatment expertise. We can help…we have proved it many times over 15 years.


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