Our Technology - Burlington Spinal Decompression

Our clinic provides many benefits to the patient when compared to other clinics.

  • Our technology is absolutely first-rate. There are no clinics that we know of that have the same complement of next-generation precision equipment as we do at Burlington Spinal Decompression.
  • Our closely guarded care protocols are both unique and patented (pending)
  • The clinical experience and training our doctor has is unmatched
  • We use a multi-faceted approach to spinal decompression where we include a personally developed nutritional protocol, individualized exercise program, a spinal decompression protocol based on a person’s spinal images, nerve scans and health history…all based upon the personal goals of the patient.
  • The Spinal Decompression equipment is absolutely unique. All Spinal Decompression tables ‘stretch’ the spine.  Very few allow lateral flexion while decompression is occurring…our machine does.  Not only does our machine allow lateral flexion while decompression is occurring, it also allows axial rotation!  This is not available in any other spinal decompression table to date!
  • This table effectively allows us to ‘unwind’ the spine if a person has scoliosis…it allows us to also laterally flex the spine away from any existing disc bulge or herniation.
  • This is just a few of the reasons why we get superior results when compared to other clinics.

Burlington Spinal Decompression is the best care available…without exception.