Sciatica or sciatic nerve pain is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is comprised of four different nerves that originate in the lumbar spine and the sacrum (tailbone).

More specifically, the sciatic nerve is comprised of lumbar nerve #4 and 5 and sacral nerve 1 and 2. These four nerves connect in the posterior part of the back and pelvis and they run through the buttocks area and down the posterior compartment of the leg, down past the knee and down into the heel and underside of the foot. 

Sciatica is extremely painful and often comes and goes in no particular pattern. Often, patients have pain so intensely that even prescription pain medication will not help alleviate the pain. 

Burlington Spinal Decompression has a long and distinguished history of eliminating patients with sciatica. Our proprietary methods include spinal decompression, realignment of the affected joints, increasing spinal/pelvic joint mobility and alleviation of the compression of the affected nerves.
Additionally, our methods retrain the nervous system to hold the positioning of the joints to a position that does not irritate the nerves in the future. Lour advanced care protocols have earned us the title of the best spinal decompression clinic in Burlington and the highest rated spinal decompression in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton and Mississauga.


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