Scoliosis is very very misunderstood. There’s a difference between scoliosis and something called a lateral curvature we’re going to explain that and why it happens. Now, we’re first going to talk about scoliosis. As we know the spine is supposed to be straight from front to back. We want to make sure the iliac crest, or your pelvic crest are at the same level between the right and the left-hand side. And we want to make sure that when the pelvis is level the spine/lumbar spine comes out of it at a perpendicular 90-degree angle.

Now, most scoliosis happens actually in the lumbar spine and the mid thoracic area. Not too much in the upper thoracic area, and very very infrequently in the neck. Although it does happen, but it mostly happens in the lower 2/3’s of the spine. Now, again the scoliosis is what we call a curvature at the spine. But scoliosis is different from a lateral curvature, in that, scoliosis not only does it bend sideways, it also has what we call vertebral rotation.

So the vertebra actually start to spin either one way or the other, these bumps here they’re supposed to be in the middle of the vertebra, and when they start to rotate that’s a true scoliosis. That’s different from what is called a lateral curvature where there is no rotation on the vertebrae. Now both of these respond extremely well to Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. We’re very very skilled at this. In fact, the table that we have actually deals specifically with things like this. Not only can we get the pressure off the discs we can actually do what is called unwinding of the scoliosis we can put you in something called a mirror Image and we can actually unwind your spine and get it back more towards normal. When we stimulate the nervous system in the mirror image posture it helps teach the brain to keep it central.

So its extremely important, because we re-teach the brain to keep it central (in the middle) and untwist it. So that very very important because scoliosis is considered progressive, it tends to get worse and worse over time. It can actually end up leading to compression fracture as we age and our bone density decreases. Again, a lateral curvature is a sideways bend, scoliosis is a sideways bend with a rotation. Now, there’s two reasons why it happens

1)Functional scoliosis which means it is bent and twisted for no real reason

2)Structural scoliosis with a hemi vertebrae, so instead of having a block like vertebrae you’ll have a pie shaped vertebra and as a result if its kind of pie shaped (triangular) the vertebrae will have to bend, but what happens over time is the top part of the spine goes in the opposite direction to end up trying to keep your eyes level.

We are very good at helping scoliosis, we’re extremely good at helping lateral curvatures both with spinal decompression and the neurological and structural work we do. We are considered the best, many other doctors come to train through us. If you’d like to learn more about scoliosis and lateral curvature and what Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression can do for you please call 289-337-9969


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