This table that we recently got has what is called four-dimensional decompression. Now, you are probably wondering what four dimensions is because there is only three dimensions.

The fourth dimension is the excellence zone. The reason why we call it that is because this table has what others just simply don’t have. Now we are going to talk about what is called lumbar decompression, mostly, the same thing would apply to cervical decompression. We are going to walk you through with what this table can do, and how it might be able to help you. Whereas another table might not be able to.

Its important to understand that the skill of the provider/the skill of the practitioner is the most important aspect of it. We have that here, I have a lot of expertise in decompression and the mechanics and physiology behind decompression, but we also have amazing technology. This will allow us to help you get better much faster than you might somewhere else.

We are going to walk you through with what this table can do. The first thing I want to show you about this table is it does essentially what other tables do. Its called axial decompression. When you put people on the table it can create what is called a negative pressure on the discs. We use belts to help pull the vertebrae gently to help the disc increase in thickness, that creates what is called a negative pressure in the disc. It can help pull disc bulges, and disc herniations away from sensitive nerves. That’s what is called axial decompression, any decompression table can do that.

While the machine is on and programmed correctly you will notice the gap gets bigger while it is spreading apart. This table can also do what is called flexion or extension.

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