The Dangers of Hand Held Technology.

Neck position and texting cause spinal degeneration.

relationship between posture and disc degeneration
Text Neck and its effects on the nervous system

The research is clear, repetitive stress and addiction to technology (like we see in young people) causes long-term spinal degeneration.  In fact, we have seen a significant increase in neck problems, neck pain, disk bulges, dis herniations, carpal tunnel syndrome and upper back pain.The common denominator is addiction to handheld technology (such as smart phones).

Most people don’t realize that arthritic activity and disc degeneration is caused by abnormal biomechanics not by age.  Abnormal biomechanics can happen from accidents, injuries and traumas but most often comes from things like repetitive stress such as poor posture. As you can see from the attached picture, there is a tremendous amount of research regarding posture and how it affects your nervous system.

The nervous system is the master control system of the body.  If the central nervous system gets any abnormal tensile or tethering stress, it can cause a variety of problems in bodily systems.  The most common misdiagnosis is disc degeneration due to aging.  Disks and the associated vertebra above and below the disk do not degenerate from age alone.  Abnormal biomechanics due to repetitive stresses (and accidents injuries and traumas in the past) are the biggest contributor.  Without question, the most common medical misdiagnosis is carpal tunnel syndrome. Essentially, carpal tunnel syndrome does not exist. It is significantly over diagnosed and is almost always cervical spine degeneration and disc degeneration in the neck…not a problem with the carpal tunnel in your wrist.


At Burlington Spinal Decompression we have ‘four dimensional’ spinal decompression.  It can help with a variety of problems and help reduce pain associated with scoliosis, disc bulges, disc herniations, disk sequestration and disc degeneration.  We have developed a very specific care protocol and a 30 page manual that will help guide patients to correcting these problems.  The research is clear, your nervous system is always affected when your spine degenerates.  Therefore, we encourage anyone with problems like the ones mentioned above to contact our office so we can help you. We are extremely well qualified and have been voted as the best chiropractic clinic in Burlington many times. We hope we can help you soon.





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