There is a significant difference between a scoliosis and a lateral curvature.  If you are reading this (or watching this) scoliosis video you likely need to understand the difference between them.

A scoliosis can be corrected without surgery. 

A lateral spinal curvature can be corrected without surgery.

That being said, there are some that can not be corrected but the overwhelming majority of them can be helped. 

A lateral curvature is a bend (laterally) in the spine.  It is somewhat common and is seldomly caused by a leg length imbalance or ‘one leg being shorter than the other’.  Most often, a lateral curvature is caused by poor pelvic mechanics and pelvic imbalance.  Pelvic balance is set by the brain through something called joint position sense and proprioception.  Skeletal structure does influence pelvic balance but, most often, to a lesser degree than joint position sense.

A lateral spinal curvature is a sideways bend in the spine WITHOUT vertebral rotation.  As mentioned previously it is most often caused by vertebral subluxations and pelvic misalignment.  This is something that can be corrected by non-surgical spinal decompression.


Scoliosis is a lateral spinal curvature (aka ‘bent spine’) with vertebral rotation.  This is much more challenging to correct than a simple spinal lateral curvature.  However, there is hope.  Non-Surgical spinal decompression is the go to treatment for scoliosis.  However…it must be done correctly.  Our training, expertise and our technology are combined to create profession leading results that can be seen in before and after x-rays.

Additionally, we provide each patient with a 35 page book that shows tips and techniques to help aid in scoliosis correction.

Please consider coming to see us to see if you are the right fit for our scoliosis correction care.

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