This is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s the preparation for Christmas and one of the things that I love about this time of the year, apart from the fall colours and everything like that, its when Operation Christmas Child gets underway.

Now if you are not familiar with operation Christmas child its part of what’s called Samaritans purse, and this is an amazing organization. Through this thing called operation Christmas child tens of millions of boxes of Christmas gifts have been delivered to children in other nations.

And you know what the cool part about this is? It helps deliver the message of Christ, and that’s what Christmas is about. Imagine, this kid that has next to nothing being given a box of toys and being told what Christmas really is about. About Christ and Christ’s birth. Its an amazing opportunity to shift someone’s life.


I want to get across that I am not a representative or an employee for Samaritans purse or operation Christmas child. I just love this charity. Its one of the most amazing charities that exists, and essentially all the money that is collected and all the gifts goes right to the children. There is a tremendous number of volunteers because its an organization with such great integrity. And its purpose is amazing as well.

Now what happens is in October – November people come to collection centres (we are one of those collection centres) and they pick up boxes and they go to toy stores, dollar stores, and stationary stores, and they collect the toys and fill the boxes with the toys. The toys will get collected during national collection week, this year 2018 it is November 12- November 18.

They bring them back to the collection centres, then they will be inspected, and then hey get delivered to the kids in developing nations. Each year these countries change, and these gifts are given to Christian children AND non-Christian children. Its an amazing opportunity, we would love for you to come to The Life Lounge chiropractic and Health center to pick up one of these boxes and deliver it back to us.

We will make sure it gets collected during collection week and put in the hands of a very appreciative child. Its an amazing opportunity, and we ask that you share some of the wealth that you have both spiritually and financially with these children. Thank you


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