One of the things that we have found over the past 15 years is a tremendous societal misunderstanding of herniated discs or bulging discs.
Most people believe that the herniated disc or bulging disc is the problem. In fact, it is not. A bulging or herniated disc occurs after a long period of time from an initial injury.

When a person gets into an accident, injury or trauma usually early in their lifetime and disc tissue and spinal mechanics are altered, they then begin the degenerative process. As the mechanics are different from what they were pre-accident the vertebra and the discs suffer abnormal mechanical forces. Over a certain amount of time (which is different for everybody) the disc continues to wear and degenerate then the disc herniation or disc bulge happens.

The disc bulge or herniation is the result of long-standing bio mechanical stress and degeneration. However, the discomfort, radiating pain, paresthesia or abnormal function is a result of the late stages of degeneration and herniation. Sadly, a person is more concerned with pain than the abnormal mechanics and degeneration which started it all.

Our job is to restore the proper mechanics, restore the proper curves and reteach the brain how to place the vertebra and how to move the proper vertebra. The specialized non-surgical spinal decompression machine that we have can zero in on disc bulges and disc herniation’s. It assist’s us to create a negative force within the disc space to help pull disc material back to its proper anatomical position.

Additionally, we have a care protocol that has developed over nearly 20 years to try and correct the problem as close to the pre-accident state that we can. We get extremely helpful results and have been voted many times to be the best spinal decompression clinic in Burlington.

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